By definition a theorem is a proven statement, an idea accepted as a demonstrable truth…..

“After 4 months or less of utilizing the proprietary Rejuvinair sustainable deep coil cleaning and refurbishing services, Rejuvinair becomes a profit center for your facilities.” 

Let’s look at all the facts that prove REJUVINAIR® is the right thing to do:

Benefits & Savings Summary

  1. Sustainable Proprietary Process – Nothing but water super - heated to 310° - 440°
  • NO Chemicals
  • NO Acids
  • NO Cleansers
  • NO Anti-microbials
  • NO Poisons
  • NO Ozone
  • NO Soaps
  • NO Detergents
  • NO UV Lighting
  1. Totally LEGAL and Exceeds ALL:
  • Federal, State and Local Laws, Regulations and Guidelines, LEED, OSHA, NIOSH, ANSI, EPA, ASHRAE, AHCA and DEP Standards thereby eliminating any and all chemical use litigation from government agencies
  1. Eliminates all risks of employee chemical use injury and chemical use injury litigation
  2. Eliminates all risks of student and faculty sickness because of chemical use
  3. Eliminates all risks of student and faculty chemical use litigation
  4. Eliminates all HVAC chemical purchase costs
  5. Eliminates all HVAC coil damage caused by chemicals
  6. Eliminates all HVAC air handler chemical damage costs
  7. Eliminates all chemical storage fees and equipment
  8. Eliminates all chemical disposal problems and environmental impact fees
  9. Eliminates all government chemical use penalties
  10. Reduces risk of Sick Building Syndrome SBS and SBS litigation
  11. Reduces risk of bad indoor air and bad indoor air litigation
  12. Reduces risk of employee sickness and injury
  13. Reduces risk of employee sickness and injury litigation
  14. Removes odors and smells from air handler coils
  15. Removes toxic mold, bacteria, viruses, algae found on air handler coils (Infection control)
  16. Removes all dust, dirt and other allergenic non-viable materials found on air handler coils (Infection control)
  17. Prevents bacterial, viral and algae/fungal re-growth on coils (Infection control)
  18. Prevents mold from growing in and on air handler coils (Infection control)
  19. Prevents mold from growing in buildings (Infection control)
  20. Prevents mold from growing in rooms (Infection control)
  21. Reduces faculty, staff and student sickness and absenteeism (Infection control)
  22. Reduces thermal comfort problems and thermal comfort complaints
  23. Reduces air handler purchases, service and repairs
  24. Reduces air handler coil purchases, service and repairs
  25. Extends life of the facility air handlers, room furnishings, carpeting
  26. Enhances the work environment
  27. Increases employee morale and employee productivity
  28. Returns hundreds of wasted labor hours to the facility (twice)
  29. Returns coils to “OEM” specifications and condition
  30. Reduces cooling and heating costs
  31. Energy setbacks (PM) are more efficient
  32. Eligible for Utility Rebates
  33. Sustainable proprietary process is turnkey
  34. Facility lives up to mission statement
  35. Facility maintenance lives up to mission statement
  36. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  37. Reduces carbon footprint
  38. Reduces the building’s overall environmental footprint
  39. Facility enhances it’s image by being The SUSTAINABLE LEADER
  40. Increases shareholder value
  41. Improves financial performance

The number one problem for facilities directors and managers is clearly occupant thermal comfort.
The air handling system coils (cooling and heating) are the lungs of any commercial facility. No matter how well they are engineered, built, controlled, monitored or equipped if they are not sustainably maintained, balanced, preserved and returned to OEM specifications (every six months), huge amounts of energy is wasted.  Worse yet, these coils become the breeding grounds for bio-film which leads to discomfort, discontentment, other serious sicknesses, death, heartaches, lawsuits and catastrophic costs.
Why has the insurance industry dropped all liability insurance for the effects created by indoor air? Specifically MOLD? They know how costly it is!
The REJUVINAIR® theorem deserves your serious attention.  The decision to implement the Rejuvinair process is logical, simple and smart.  More importantly, it is the right decision. 


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