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Who Is Rejuvinair ?

Rejuvinair is a 15 year old Florida based corporation that specializes in refurbishing the cooling, heating, refrigeration and freezer coils found in all commercial buildings returning and restoring to OEM specifications.

The problem: commercial building personnel are not aware of how to properly maintain, balance, maximize and preserve these coils to perform as designed and engineered.

The answer: our sustainable and patentable proprietary system removes dirt, dust, grime and grease while destroying and retarding the re-growth of toxic mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi, mycotoxins and bio-burden found deep inside air handling coils.

Rejuvinair uses only R&D equipment and super heated steam with no chemicals, ultra violet lighting, anti-microbials or poisons of any kind and will never subject our clients to any liability issues.

DOE 9-20-2009 reported: “Cooling coils, because of their specific task (removing heat and moisture) makes them susceptible to collecting airborne particles and vapors (such as cooking grease); therefore the coils can get very dirty, even in the presence of air filters, resulting in poor IAQ and potentially exacting a high energy penalty.


The coils for the large commercial air handlers were as clean as if they were new from the factory. The process does not use any chemicals which makes it very environmental friendly. By default it should help to improve IAQ and extend the life of the equipment. Common sense dictates that there will be energy savings.”

Third party independent studies have proven and documented a minimum reduction in demand of 10.4% KW and a 21.73% to 44.7% reduction in total KWH usage and an ROI of less than 2 months is common.

In addition to the equipment and energy savings our client’s have seen savings in over forty other business related venues.

Our safe and sustainable program reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the building’s overall environmental footprint driving the triple bottom line to a fourth level (peace of mind) and of course, this is priceless.

Our simple guarantee:

“If you don’t save you don’t pay!”


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